lottery horoscope

We all love lotteries. Actually, almost every person older than 18 has participated in a lotto game at least once during their lifetime, and millions of people across the world purchase lucky tickets on a regular basis. The popularity of lotteries is quite easy to explain: they are rather cheap, don’t require much time or specific instruments, and can potentially make you a millionaire.

Some players decide to take the hobby to a completely new level: they read books on lottery strategies, follow all draw results, and of course, learn how to pick the best lotto numbers. Even though 73% of lotto’s big winners have won with a dip ticket, there is still hope that selecting meaningful numbers helps. Today, we want to tell you about the lucky horoscope numbers and other ways of choosing the right combination for today.

Will astrology make you a millionaire?

While the popularity of online lotteries in New Zealand increases, more and more Kiwis are turning to astrology in the hope to choose the right numbers. Astrology is based on the theory that the position of stars and planets can impact our lives. Even though most people remain rather skeptical, it is impossible to deny that the moon impacts the tides or that the sun generates vitamin D, an irreplaceable vitamin for all human beings. Ancient civilizations worshiped the powers of the sun and moon, and nowadays more and more people turn to centuries-old manuscripts and teachings.

As you know, the horoscope was invented by the Chinese who used a repeating cycle of animal signs to name the year: dragons, snakes, dogs, horses, tigers, and so on. For example, 1984 was the year of the rat and 1990 – of a white horse. There are also 12 horoscope signs, one for each month. Nowadays, you can find numerous horoscopes that not only tell about your destiny but give advice for today. And for many people, these predictions become a source of inspiration.

First of all, with the help of horoscopes, you can find out what day is going to be the lucky one for you. On that day you can purchase a lottery ticket. You may also find lists of lucky numbers for today, tomorrow, or the whole month.

Even though the most common lotto numbers in New Zealand are 1, 22, and 19, people believe that they have a chance to choose a lucky combination based on the horoscope. There are even websites with online astrology predictions like Lucky Numbers Horoscope or Astrostar. But almost every horoscope, whether on the Internet or in print, can give you a hint of what numbers to choose.

Other ways to pick lucky numbers

Do you know how many numbers to win lotto there are? Six. The winning lotto numbers are chosen by an RNG technology and the chances of matching all numbers approximately equal one in 175.7 million. That is why people are desperately hoping to find a way to increase their chances of winning. And if you don’t want to rely solely on horoscopes, the methods below may be rather useful.

Create your own lucky numbers

One of the most popular ways to choose lottery numbers is to pick those which have a personal meaning. For example, your birthday or birthdays of your kids, wedding anniversary, and other significant events. You can also choose a house or a phone number you had when you were a child.

Number generators

If you don’t want to bother yourself with choosing a number combination, turn to a number generator. These are online programs that offer you a set of random numbers based on the criteria you have entered. Such websites are free to use and act in the same way as lotteries: publish a random combination.

Turn to numerology

Numerology believes that there is a direct connection between numbers and events in our lives. When understanding how numerology works, it is possible to pick lucky combinations or lucky days. There are many approaches and instruments, so you can become rather creative when using numerology for lottery games. For example, by attributing numbers from 1 to 9 to your name, names of the people you love, or even favorite quotes. Then summing the numbers to get a winning combination. This, by the way, can become a great pastime and add an extra layer of creativity to your hobby.

If you don’t want to invent the lucky numbers on your own, use online numerology tables and software. With their help, you will get a meaningful set of numbers in a matter of seconds.

Listen to your intuition

It is incorrect to think that intuition is available only to the chosen ones. We all have a subconscious, so why not let it work for your wellbeing? Use relaxation and breathing techniques to calm your mind and set it for the task. Don’t forget to take a pen and a paper to write the numbers down once their pop in your head. When there are enough numbers on the paper, scan them and see whether you like them or not. If not, make another attempt or do it later.

You can also make a list of all the numbers, close your eyes and then land a pen on the paper. Choose six numbers and form a winning combination. Who knows, maybe the sequence was chosen by your subconscious and not randomly?

Don’t forget that it’s still a game of chance

Lottery numbers are drawn automatically and there is no way you can predict the outcome. There are no mathematical patterns and the combinations are random. However, players still believe that there are lucky lotto numbers that can help them earn millions. Whether these numbers are based on their horoscope for today, the cat’s birthday, or the day when they kissed the love of their life for the first time. There is nothing wrong with choosing meaningful numbers but they shouldn’t shield you from reality and the fact that lotteries are pure luck.