Being an adult doesn’t only mean having more freedom but also lots of responsibilities especially concerning money. It’s difficult to avoid the temptation to buy the latest iPhone, a new pair of brandy jeans, or to treat yourself at the newest restaurant in the city. And all of this requires more cash in the wallet.

That is why we’ve made a list of extra income ideas, which will add a few dollars to your monthly income. They include blogging, completing online surveys, playing at the best online casinos in New Zealand, becoming a virtual seller, and much more. Some ideas are quick and random, while others – take more time but can turn into a full-time job. Continue reading, make a choice, and start earning anywhere you are.

1. Blogging 📝

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During the past few years, social media turned into the platforms for bloggers: now we want to read someone famous and to learn something new instead of chatting and peeping into the lives of our friends. Thus, blogging became one of the ways to make additional profit. Especially if you’re from New Zealand and are willing to know how to make money online.

You can start a personal page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or launch a website on one of the free engines. Yes, the process is rather time-consuming and you won’t make money at once but blogging is rather rewarding especially if you attend courses and read guidelines for beginners. If writing is something you love, blogging may not only help to earn solid money but unleash the potential and talents.

Another way to make money from home if you love writing is to become a freelance writer. Most of the articles you read online bring money, so why not use qualification and love for writing to earn solid money? To get started, create an account on such platforms as Upwork and surf the offers: from real estate agents to marketing companies across the globe. Some freelance writers earn more than $50 for 500 words and work not leaving their bed. Isn’t it a dream coming true?

2. Teaching English 🧐

For some time, teaching English online was a prerogative of American English speakers. However, nowadays Kiwis are being actively hired by international companies and can earn up to $25 for a standard 45-minute lesson. If you want to earn money in New Zealand and teach others, there are a few qualifications to meet: having native and fluent English, at least a bachelor’s degree, and some teaching experience.

Keep in mind that from Monday to Friday you’ll have to teach at night (due to the time difference), so this option is suitable mostly for night owls. However, weekends are literally packed with lessons and become a solid increase in the monthly income. There are thousands of nomads, who roam the world and teach English online making thousands of dollars without stress.

3. Completing Online Surveys ✅

Making money online is probably the most frequent request on Google especially during these unstable times. If you don’t have any particular qualifications or solid writing skills, filling online surveys is a great idea. It’s amazing how much money businesses spend to research the potential audience to cut marketing expenditures, improve strategy, and increase sales.

There are hundreds of websites for Kiwis that want to benefit from online surveys. For example, Valued Opinions, which pay up to $5 for a single survey or Opinion World, which exchanges your questionnaire on vouchers, gift cards, and PayPal cash. There are websites like Potential Savings, where participants can earn hundreds of dollars for an hour of their time. And if you love playing games or watching videos with puppies, try Swagbucks, which pays simply for surfing the Internet.

4. Decluttering With Use 📦

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Another way to earn money online is to look around and sell the things that you no longer use and which may be interesting to others. It’s amazing how easily people get attached to broken, untidy, and unnecessary items that hoard and clog up space.

If you have read a certain book or watched a particular DVD, don’t hide it into the desk – sell online! This also refers to clothes, devices, toys, and even makeup items that didn’t fit. There’s a buyer even for the weirdest thing. There are many other reasons why selling things you don’t use is a great option. For example, instead of throwing items, you hand them to others and thus save the environment.

But keep in mind the delivery costs – sometimes the price for the item is lower than its delivery, so there’s no point in selling online. In such a case, we recommend joining a local website or forum and offer the item with pickup or during a personal meeting.

If you decide that selling unnecessary things is a thing for you, start googling websites and companies, where you can post ads. Choose the one that is relevant to the good or the one, which is located nearby. Once the item is sold, you send it to the company/person or they pick it up. Finally, the money lands on your bank account. Trust us, after decluttering and earning money, you’ll not only breathe easier but will praise yourself for such a good idea.

5. Online Gambling 🎰

Kiwis are head over heels fond of pokies and table games, as one of the easiest and the most effective ways of escaping reality and reducing stress. What they don’t know is that gambling can be a source of additional income with a proper approach. And the best part is that there’s no need to go to a land-based casino.

Nowadays, players can benefit from online casino bonuses with extra cash and free spins, participate in tournaments, join the common pool of progressives, and enjoy bonuses and real prizes of loyalty program systems. However, any games of chance are pure luck and there’s no guarantee that you’ll return the money you’ve spent.

To increase the chances of earning good money when gambling, you can either learn basic and advanced strategies of playing such games as blackjack and poker or starting your own online casino. The last, by the way, may make you a millionaire but will take much time and effort.

6. Participating In Contests And Competitions 🏆

The next way to earn money from home that we would like to mention is taking part in online competitions. Thousands of people have already made Internet contests a full-time job, so why not try it out? There are hundreds of various competitions that offer cash, holidays, cars, and gadgets as prizes.

The only advice is to enter contests, which may give you the best return. This means that people should concentrate on competitions that meet their skills and areas of interest. Luckily, there are several free and paid web instruments and email services, which send the freshest competitions to keep you updated. After making some research you’ll see that there are hundreds of options with impressive earnings. And even if you win a voucher or a holiday that you don’t need, it’s always possible to sell them online.

Here are some of the websites for Kiwis:

You’ll definitely find a website that perfectly meets your skills, qualification, and interests.

7. Online Trading 📈

Those, who need extra cash in a matter of hours or days, can skip this variant and continue with the next paragraph. Learning how to trade may become your full-time job and help to earn a fortune but it requires much time and devotion to learn how to do it properly. Without a serious approach, traders risk losing all the money.

Luckily, today you don’t need to be hired by a stockbroker to learn the basics – there are multiple trading platforms that can help. Start with watching documentaries like the BBC 2 ‘Traders: Millions By The Minute” or reading online blogs and professional websites. Then you can join trading platforms like eToro or Plus500, which have free accounts to practice without fear of losing money. Luckily, there are multiple books, Telegram channels, and even bots that teach people how to trade.

8. Sharing Online Activity 📲

Make one step closer to easy money and earn even without noticing. Such applications and companies as Nielsen Digital Voice pay for users’ online activity. All you need to do is to download certain software or install browser applications. Then continue using the Internet as you normally do and when pop-up messages occur, follow a few simple steps or simply proceed with doing what you did. The money, gift cards, or vouchers will land on the account or wallet you have indicated when signing up.

9. Getting Bonuses And Cashback With Ebates 🎁

saving money
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New Zealanders are not only looking for a way to earn extra money but also to save it. Save, i.e. earn, a few hundreds of dollars each year simply by using Ebates for online purchases. It works perfectly well on such popular platforms like,, and others.

There are only a few things to keep in mind: to benefit from this offer, users need to have a PayPal account. Luckily, it’s free and simple to set up and you can later transfer money to an NZ bank to use it. There are also multiple bonuses for creating an account, as well as a $10 reward for inviting a friend.

10. Selling Products On The Internet 💰

There are hundreds of thousands of users, who purchase and resell items online earning some money on the difference. The great thing about this way of making profits is that you don’t need any unique skills or qualifications, and can invest as much time as you want or have. Just find suppliers, purchase items, write a description, and publish the advertisement on platforms like Flipkart or Amazon.

Some users make one step further and start their own website for selling products. However, the market is flooded with other sellers, so you should get familiar with the business in advance and to find worthy products. Once you do, the question of how to make money in New Zealand will no longer bother you.

11. Testing Websites And Giving Feedback 🔎

If you’re looking for a way to make money fast, testing someone else’s websites is a great decision. There’s a chance to earn NZ$10 for 20-minute testing. Users simply need a stable Internet connection and clear English to provide accurate and understandable feedback.

The whole point of this way of making money is to test the website and tell its owners how the platform is used and navigated. Thus, they can fix the mistakes and understand the preferences of the users before launching the website to a broader audience.

12. Translating 🈺

You probably know that mastership of a foreign language is rather useful especially when travelling abroad and ordering a meal in a local restaurant. However, another benefit of knowing a language apart from English is a chance to make money from home. There are multiple websites, which list translating services from or into English. The most demanding languages are French, Spanish, German, Arab, and Chinese. The rarer the language is, the higher price you can expect.

There are thousands of users, who have made online translation their main source of income and share tips and experience in blogs and tutorials: both free and paid ones.

13. Social Media And YouTube 📹

When looking for easy ways to make money, pay attention to your favorite networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. All of them can be used to make money and considering billions of users the profits can be rather significant.

Brands and companies invest millions in social media campaigns, pay for advertisements on bloggers’ channels, and hire managers and marketers to target products and engage the audience. Here anyone can find a niche whether you are a writer, an SMM-manager, or an influencer with thousands of followers.

Another popular platform that allows earning money is YouTube even though it takes more time and effort. Create a channel, make videos, upload them, and start monetizing. Due to YouTube’s monetization program, to start earning the user’s channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of the view time during the past year. Just imagine, 5 billion videos are watched on this platform every day! And the number of YouTube millionaires continues to grow.

Just choose a subject and category that you want to make videos about and be sure that the topic is interesting for a broad audience. These may be videos on cooking, trimming dogs, or knitting. After being approved for the Partner Program and including advertisements to the videos, you can make around $3- $4 for every 1,000 views.

14. Renting Out A Car Space Or A Car 🚘

Even though this one is a more ‘physical’ way of earning, it still gives a chance to make passive income without many efforts. If you don’t use your car quite often and only drive to the mall once a week, renting it out is a great chance to make additional money. There are many companies, which allow placing an advertisement and finding a person nearby that is interested in your car.

For example, an Auckland-based YourDrive company allows earning up to 60% of the rental fee in the days when you are not using the car. Let’s say that your car costs $6,000. If renting it out 15 days a month, you can add $300 to the account. This may not be much but will definitely become a great source of additional money without risking anything. These platforms bear responsibility for any insurance issues that may arise.

This company also allows renting out your car space if it’s empty or if you have an extra garage or driveway. And the earnings may be rather impressive!

15. Becoming A Mystery Shopper 🕵

This way of earning extra money will be a great option for those, who can’t imagine life without shopping and are well familiar with the shops and malls in the area. Even though becoming a mystery shopper requires leaving home, it is still a great option for earning a few bucks.

Mystery shoppers get money for attending shops, hotels, restaurants, and other public places and providing feedback. Thus, you are paid with cash or given gift cards and vouchers simply for spending time at a particular place and then telling about your experience. And all your expenses for meals, purchases, and accommodation are covered!


Earning money online is no longer difficult – there are literally thousands of offers on the Internet and you only need to know where to look for them. The jobs we have covered today make only a small part of the options you have but they’ll help you to get started and not to get lost along the way.

If you have secure and stable Internet access, some free time, a passion for a particular thing (writing, teaching, trading, selling, etc.) – be sure that you’ll find a way to make money online. There are options for those, who want to make quick money and those who are ready to sweat to earn lots of cash. To remain motivated, read success stories online, and start writing your own. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be telling others how to become an Internet millionaire?