Park Bingo Review & Experience

Nowadays, bingo sites in New Zealand are becoming more and more popular because players are looking for a fun way to spend leisure and win some cash without a need to apply complex strategies or spend much time.

In this review, we are going to discuss Park Bingo which was launched by Play’n Go. This company is famous for creating other games like Rainforest Magic Bingo and Hot Bingo. They use the Technical Systems Testings to meet industry standards, apply the best encryption software and are regularly audited by independent authorities.

Game’s specifications

Park Bingo has rather simple rules which don’t differ from those of other online bingo titles. You can select up to four cards and play them at the same time. Every card holds 15 random numbers, from 0 to 90.

When you have selected the number of cards and made your bets, 30 balls (out of 90) are released and you see all the combinations you have collected on the cards (if there are any). But the game doesn’t end there because at Park Bingo players have access to additional balls and bonus rounds.

Let us start with the most common one. If you need a single ball to create an 8x credit pattern, it is possible to purchase ten extra balls to compete for the prize. One of these balls can turn into a Gift Ball. What does it mean? This unique feature allows you to choose the exact number of the next ball.

There is also a bonus feature waiting for Park Bingo players. It is called the Ferris Wheel and is activated when you create perimeter patterns on the cards. When the Ferris Wheel is activated, it spins until stops on a particular multiplier. And this multiplier is huge: 300x, 600x, and 900x!

Park Bingo can also boast a jackpot. Moreover, it can be won twice in a single round. To win it, you need to meet three conditions:

  1. Make a minimum bet required for the jackpot;
  2. Play with all four cards;
  3. Collect the Bingo pattern with a maximum of 30 balls.

Our Verdict

Park Bingo has a 94.52% return to player which is a solid index for similar games. It has a standard theme with a smiling man on the cover, so you won’t be distracted with extra details and animation.

Considering that Park Bingo is a creation of Play’n GO, you can gamble without worrying about its fairness and transparency. And can win an impressive jackpot!

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