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Playing live roulette is an amazing way to enjoy both the thrill of spinning the wheel and the atmosphere of a land-based casino from the comfort of your home. Interacting with a live dealer is fun enough on any game, but online roulette surely deserves to high on the list of games that benefit from the technology. When you play roulette online live, it feels closer to the action and plays similar to how it would at a casino.

Here you’ll find all the information you need on how live dealer casinos work, how to decide on the best and what live roulette online strategy will lead you to the winning. Whether you are looking for the best gambling site to play your favorite game, information about the online casino bonuses or the live roulette rules — keep reading and we will tell you more.

Best Live Roulette Casinos 2023

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1 50 Crowns
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2 NightRush
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3 TonyBet
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4 LevelUp
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5 7BitCasino
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6 Zoome
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7 N1Bet Casino
NZ$10,000 and 200 FS Play Now Read Review N1Bet Casino 5000+
8 Casino Rocket
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9 Rolling Slots
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10 NationalCasino
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How To Play Live Roulette

Playing at a live roulette casino is both similar to and different from what you would experience with the standard game. It’s got the rules and strategies in common, so it’s possible to carry your playstyle over to it. However, online live roulette has some particularities that come with live games in general.

  1. Choosing an online casino. Deciding on a gambling site to commit to can be tricky, and that’s why the Casino HEX experts have created a guide that will help you to find an amazing live dealer casino online. Check our guides for more information on what you should look for at a new site and what the traps are.
  2. Decide on a variant. After you’ve chosen your best live roulette casino it’s time to choose what roulette type you’ll be playing.
  3. Place your bet. The possibilities are many and depend on your style. It’s wise to plan before starting the game because there’s a short time frame to place your bets. If you have some doubts about choosing the right combination, take a look at our article dedicated to the most common online roulette numbers that considered to be lucky.
  4. Watch it spin. When you play roulette online live dealer games, the dealer controls most of the action while you watch, so just wait to see where the ball lands.

Live Dealer Roulette Stakes

One of the best aspects of playing a roulette game online live is that just like in the normal game, you get to decide how high the stakes will be. From small wagering based on a safe choice to straight betting that can bring you a ton of money, the possibilities are many, and knowing them lets you control the game. Let’s have a look at the stakes for an online casino roulette live game.

Roulette Bets Definition
Inside Bets You bet on the sections of the wheel or on a single number. It’s riskier, but usually they has the highest payouts (up to 35:1) as you bet on the individual numbers rather than on the large groups.
Outside Bets Bets outside the roulette wheel (black, even, etc). Accordingly, pay out less as the bets are made on the larger groups of numbers.
Line Betting Means placing your bets on the line of numbers (e.g. 4-9).
Low Bet Betting from 1 to 18.
High Bet Going from 19 to 36.
Block Bet Betting on one of the three 12-number blocks.

Live Roulette Game Types

Playing online roulette live gives you the opportunity to try new games that you wouldn’t otherwise find at a standard casino. Besides the varieties that you would find, some put the live technology to good use in order to deliver a unique experience. Here are some of the live roulette games online:

Live Roulette Software Developers

They still aren’t as many as we would like, but casinos live roulette games have been increasing. The good news is that in general it’s the leading developers we can trust that have been creating these online casino games, so we can expect high standards.

Play Live Roulette Games Online

How To Choose A Reliable Live Roulette Casino

The number of live dealer roulette online games grows by the day, and as a result less-than-ideal operators also start offering their services. Just like at casinos in general, they can attract players with unfair conditions, poor service and many other possible flaws that spoil the customer’s live casino online roulette experience.

In our live roulette online reviews we look for some must-have indications that the site is worth playing at. Follow these tips to make sure you stick only to the best live roulette tables online.

Considering all the reasons above, the Casino HEX experts have prepared the list of reliable online gambling sites recommended for all Kiwi players. All of them are amazing choices as live roulette New Zealand casinos.

Online Live Roulette Casinos in New Zealand

Live Roulette Casinos Casino Games Welcome Bonus
Spin Palace Casino 650+ NZ$1000
Jackpot City Casino 650+ NZ$1600
Platinum Play Casino 639+ $800
Genesis Casino 946+ $1000 + 300 FS
Casimba Casino 596+ $5000 + 50 FS
Leo Vegas Casino 550+ $1000 + 222 FS

When looking for an online roulette game it may be rather difficult to choose a provider: the majority has a live casino with many variations and attractive bonuses. To help NZ live roulette players we have made a list of the best casinos that offer such an option. You only need to read it attentively and choose the best live online roulette operator based on your preferences and expectations!

Mobile Live Roulette

Since we use our phones more than ever nowadays, a number of online casinos are betting on mobile technology to ensure customers can gamble anywhere they are. And it works. The number of casinos that deliver these games and the devices they run on increases by the day, so not only tablets but also smartphones can become live gambling platforms.

Carrying one’s favourite gambling site in their pocket means more fun and winnings, and mobile live dealer roulette adds the live dealer to that so we can have the whole almost a-real-casino feel wherever we are. As long as there is a stable enough internet connection, it’s possible to stream the game with great graphics and sounds and chat with the dealer and fellow gamblers. Just like any good game, mobile live roulette can make any waiting time interesting. The difference are the winnings and the unique thrill.

Benefits Of Playing Live Dealer Roulette

There are many reasons why gamblers could enjoy live casino roulette online more than the traditional game or even a land casino. The use of technology to deliver elements of the real thing creates an incredible experience with the best of both worlds. Here are some benefits of spinning the wheel live.

Disadvantages Of Playing Live Roulette

Live online roulette is one of the best inventions that software developers could ever come up with: it is fun, exciting, and allows communicating with same-minded players from across the world. However, there are still a few disadvantages when spinning the live roulette wheel online and we couldn’t avoid mentioning it:

Live Roulette Bonuses

Making money plays a considerable role in gambling, so the amount of cash one can make matters a great deal. Just like at traditional casino games, live dealer online roulette comes with bonuses to make a casino stand out against its competition, which is better for players. Besides the welcome live roulette bonus you certainly expect, there are also ongoing promotions that reward and encourage playing often. Hitting a specific number on the wheel, for example, can give you extra money in certain promotions. Others simply reward particular playing patterns. In the end, the more you play, the more you win. Bonuses and promotions come tied to terms and conditions that must be read before signing up to avoid disappointment. For example, live roulette no deposit bonus will come with wagering requirements for the player to meet before cashout is available.

Online & Live Dealer Roulette Comparison

Despite being basically the same game, playing it live is a distinct experience. While some differences are clear, some are worth noting so you know what to expect and choose which to play depending on what you want at the moment.

Live Casino Roulette Standart Game
The atmosphere is similar to a land-based casino, which takes enjoyment to a whole new level of fun. It feels like a game, without the real- casino-oriented setting.
The wheel is spun for you to see every moment of it. The results are machine-generated, but proved to be reliable.
There are unique variants created specifically for live roulette play. It has a greater number of titles.
A friendly dealer conducts the play exactly like in a casino. You get to speed up or slow down depending on your preference.
It’s possible to communicate with the dealer and other players for a warmer experience. You play by yourself.

Live Roulette Tips

In the end, a live roulette game result is still defined by chance. So differently from blackjack, for example, where skill increases your odds of winning, no amount of training can predict where that ball will land. That doesn’t mean there aren’t certain strategies and live roulette tips to win more and to make your long-term play better.

FAQ About Live Dealer Roulette

🔹 Do the rules change in online casinos live roulette?

That depends on the game. There are unique live roulette casino games that add special elements to the formula. It’s always worth reading the description and choosing single-zero wheels, however.

🔹 Are there live roulette free games?

No. These games belong to a more select area of the best casinos, so free live roulette is not available. You can still practise with the standard title before trying a live roulette online real money game.

🔹 Can the dealer and other players see me?

No. Live roulette NZ games only record the dealer and the wheel for players to see the game. All the dealer will see is a name, so your privacy is respected.

🔹 Are there bonuses at live roulette casinos?

Yes. They usually offer deposit bonuses the same they would for traditional games. Depending on the site, there might be a special live roulette promotion.

🔹 Do all casinos have a roulette live online game?

No, usually the best do, however. Since it’s a great feature, gambling sites tend to advertise their live area, so you’re sure to find out about it on their homepage.

🔹 How can I win at a live online roulette?

There are many strategies that may help players make some money during a live roulette mobile or desktop game. Some gamblers say that it’s better to go big right away and bet big sums on red or black, evens or odds, or on any bet with a low house edge. People with such an approach may double the initial bet and leave the table. Other players claim that it’s better to follow the Martingale system.

Not depending on the strategy you like, keep in mind that none of them are able to give you a 100% guarantee. Roulette is a game of chance with a share of risk. So the best strategy is to remember your financial limits and to play responsibly, enjoying every second.

🔹 What live roulette game has the highest chances of winning?

In the first place live online roulette NZ players should turn attention to European and French tables. Your losses may be significantly reduced with such special rules of French tables as La Partage or En Prison. Single zero layout of these versions will also contribute to getting the best possible odds.

🔹 What can be considered the worst bet in a live online roulette?

The worst bet that a player can make is a bet with the highest house edge. Before joining the table we recommend learning more about types of bets and their house edge.

🔹 What is Money Management referring to live roulette?

Money management is a strategy of the player considering his or her funds. There are multiple approaches depending on the sum you are ready to spend, the winnings you’re planning to achieve and the casino you choose.

🔹 What is the minimum live roulette bet?

The minimum bet differs from one casino to another. However, on most of the tables, it equals €0.5. However, there are casinos with lower bets on certain live tables like American or Auto Roulette.

🔹 Can you explain the difference between a live and RNG roulette?

Random Number Generator or simply RNG roulette doesn’t use any physical components, because every element (roulette wheel, table layout, dolly, and the ball) is generated by a computer. However, advancements in technologies made it possible to provide players with a roulette game that has a live croupier and a real wheel.

Both live and RNG roulettes follow the same rules and the only difference is the experience that players get in the process. During RNG games there are no live dealers or other players, so any social interactions are absent. When live croupier steps in, the time of the round may differ because he or she may communicate with gamblers or control the gameplay differently.

There is also a chat function, where players can talk to the croupier and make their experience even more authentic. However, considering that RNG games don’t require so many resources, their bets are lower than bets in live roulette.

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